About us


Hey there! My name is Roshni,

I love expressing myself through art, and I especially enjoy Zentangling as it seamlessly lets me integrate creative, focused patterns with my traditional Indian culture. The entire process is extremely therapeutic and has kept me sane the past few years being a student at UC Berkeley – there’s really nothing like listening to Beyoncé while zentangling to my heart’s content. In fact, the music I listen to truly weaves itself into my designs -edgy, bold splashes of color, rooted in culture and history, and beautiful, intricate details that make my simple forms come to life!

Years and many empty markers later, I now want to share my designs with everyone, thanks to the persuasion of my best friend Akash. And so, ZenTee was born. I create the designs and Akash handles all of the gory details (lucky him!).

We want to hear from you! Our requests page allows you to submit any ideas or wishes for designs you would like to see on a shirt, and we will try our best to accommodate it for free! Don’t be shy!

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns! You can contact us at getzenteemental@gmail.com